Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Mission & Values

Our mission is to equip marriage champions, couples, and families with evidence-based skills and insights to foster healthy relationships.  We Value:

  • Service - Our passion to empower you
  • Quality - Prioritizing professionalism and attention to detail
  • Partnership - Embracing opportunities to collaborate
  • Generosity - Operating out of a mindset of abundance
  • Teamwork - Working toward a common purpose

Our Process


Transforming Relationships

More than 4,000,000 couples have prepared for marriage or enriched their relationship through taking the P/E assessment and working with a Certified Facilitator.  The assessment itself has been proven to improve relationship satisfaction; however there is something extraordinary about the relationship a Facilitator develops with a couple that truly helps the couple grow more than they would on their own.

Our Proven Tool


P/E is one of the most widely researched assessment tools.  Professors and students at colleges and universities worldwide use the scales as a tool to conduct and evaluate their research.  P/E continues to adapt and react to the changing reality of relationships through continued research and development of assessments and resources.


Our People


A Global Community

Dr. David Olson, family science pioneer, and his wife, Karen Olson, founded P/E in 1980 after Dr. Olson connected theory and practice.  Dr. Olson developed a method that provided counselors and clergy a framework to use with couples.  Today, P/E is powered by a dedicated staff based in Roseville, Minnesota as well as a vast network that spans across the world.  The P/E family is over 100,000 Certified Facilitators strong and growing every day.