4 Million Couples and Counting...

Whether you are laying the foundation for your relationship or checking in after many committed years, PREPARE/ENRICH is the right choice.

Why is PREPARE/ENRICH right for your relationship?

Is this a test?

No, we promise it is not a test.  It's an assessment of your relationship across several categories.  Review below what the assessment is, and is not, so you have a deeper understanding of what it will do for your relationship.

A momentary snapshot of your relationship A reflection of what your relationship historically has been or will be in the future
A catalyst for discussion between you and your partner A compatibility report or a test you can pass or fail
A proven means to lower your risk of divorce A guarantee for a successful relationship
An accurate, research-based report of your relationship strength and growth areas A measure that indicates you should break up or get married
A valid and reliable source of relationship enrichment A replacement for professional relationship counseling