Married Couples

Create a spiritually enriching experience for couples that reflects the sacramental teaching of the Catholic Church.


Marriage preparation is required in the Catholic Church.


Marriage preparation is required in the Catholic Church.

Declarations Received

You can feel confident in the tools you use to work with couples.  The Catholic customization of the P/E assessment and the accompanying Catholic Version of the Workbook for Couples have received the Censors Liborum declarations of Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur from the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis

Realities We Face

Whether you are a clergy member or a marriage mentor, you may face some challenges working with couples.  Don't worry; we're here to help you!  The Catholic customization will help you tackle taboo topics, understand the varying perspectives of couples that walk through your door, and manage when one person is marrying someone of faith upbringing other than Catholic.


We've listened to the needs and desires of Catholic leaders.

We started with the trusted standard P/E assessment and customized it, so it's for Catholics, by Catholics.

  1. Premarital Conversations

    We have your back.  The assessment will cover topics such as sexual expectations, natural family planning, and pornography.  You can prepare couples for marriage with confidence by knowing you facilitated conversations the couple needs to have before the wedding day.

  2. Spirituality of Marriage

    Catholicism is a way of life.  Because of that, couples need to have healthy conversations around their commitment to the Church and to their relationship.  The Catholic customization covers topics such as attending Mass and daily prayer.

  3. Raising Children

    Marriage is the foundation of the family.  Help couples be open to children and be prepared to bring them into a family with a stable marriage at the core.  Feel ready to discuss family planning and child rearing with the couple so they can raise children in unity.

Marriage Mentors that go above and beyond

Jim and Marilyn
When you equip your marriage mentors with our unparalleled tools, couples will keep coming back for more!

Training by Catholics, for Catholics

Help couples in your Church develop a deeper marital bond. Be a part of building, renewing, and restoring relationships. Get certified in PREPARE/ENRICH and start making a difference today.