Married Couples

Marriage is beautiful and complex; its fluid and changes with time. Whether newlyweds or married for 50 years, marriage is worth it.


Healthy marriages are the backbone of a strong community.


Because healthy marriages are the backbone to a strong community.

Change the Culture

You can change the stigma attached to marriage counseling.  Married couples who take part in enrichment activities are more likely to have a satisfying marriage.  A crisis doesn't need to happen before a married couple can benefit from marriage education.

Know Where to Start

Marriage has many seasons and each couple you meet with is in a different place.  An objective assessment tool provides insights that bring into focus the conversations that result in forward movement - building strength as individuals and as a couple.


Your couples deserve the best.

PREPARE/ENRICH has helped prepare millions of couples for marriage.

  1. Meet the Couple

    Know the couples you work with on a deeper level.  For couples seeking enrichment, a quick check-in is great to refine relationship skills and strengthen their bond.  For couples in crisis or seeking restoration, a more in-depth assessment allows you to understand the complex dynamics the couple is experiencing.

  2. Help the Family

    Help couples navigate the waters of parenting and marriage by coming alongside them as they expand their family through adoption, foster care, or birth of a child.  Marriages are not isolated in the family system and you can be the support couples need.

  3. You Got This

    P/E gives you a place to start with couples.  Working with married couples isn't as intimidating as it seems.  Using the P/E assessment and framework will build your confidence.  In addition, it will help the couple build confidence in their relationship skills.

Maximize your impact.  Work with groups.

Assess Groups
Group settings are rewarding.  Couples of different ages and stages can learn from each other while normalizing the challenges we all face in marriage.

Be a Facilitator

Help couples build, renew or restore their relationship.  Get certified in PREPARE/ENRICH and start making a difference in couples lives today!