Premarital Couples

Taking an assessment isn't just another step in the wedding planning process; it's an essential step to a thriving marriage.


Because you can reduce your risk of divorce by 30%.


Because you can reduce your risk of divorce by 30%.

High Value

Preparing couples for marriage is important, so important that it has been found to reduce the rate of divorce by 30%.  Premarital counseling, coaching, and education are investments in your couples' futures, investments you shouldn't risk to pass up.  This is marriage after all!

Easy Process

No need to sweat the small stuff, we have you covered.  Using a personalized assessment at the beginning of the premarital journey will provide you with a clear view of their relationship.  This tailored approach will allow you to get to know the couple on a deeper level and will make counseling feel easy.


Your couples deserve the best.

PREPARE/ENRICH has helped prepare millions of couples for marriage.

  1. Customized

    The questions are based on each couple's unique background and are tailored for previous marriage, children, age, living arrangement, and more.  Couples feel accurately represented when taking their premarital assessment.

  2. Exposes Idealism

    We are sure you've seen this before: Couples often approach the premarital season of their relationship with rose-colored glasses, assuming everything will be fine because they are in love.  P/E helps couples see an unbiased, clearer picture so you can dive deep to work on the important subjects.

  3. Builds Confidence

    Using an assessment as framework for working with couples will help you.  P/E has supported over 100,000 counselors and clergy to build your confidence in working with couples.  In addition, it can help the couple build confidence in their decision to move towards the next step in their relationship.

Maximize your impact.  Work with groups.

Assess Groups
Group settings enable you to build community among your couples and enhance learning while still providing customized premartial counseling to each couple.

Be a Facilitator

Help couples build, renew or restore their relationship.  Get certified in PREPARE/ENRICH and start making a difference in couples lives today!